Rebecca Kerlin
Source Iteration
Inkjet prints, ball point pen on bond, acrylic wall mounted shelf, push pins, information sheet, online component of ARGUS Organic Visual Archive (

Source Iteration was a physical installation, in two parts, located at ARGUS: Organic Visual Archive, Johalla Projects, Chicago IL from August 16, 2013 to August 25, 2013.

Source Iteration is a participant in James Pepper Kelly's project ARGUS: Organic Visual Archive, now residing at

The Sound Stage photomontage became the cover of 'We Are All Berliners Now'. On the interior pages, photo montages of citizen imagery captured during the Boston Marathon Bombing Lockdown and retrieved via Google Search in the days immediately following the Lockdown. Within the interior, each dimensional warp resides 180 degrees from the other.

Iteration #1:
I delivered the book 'We Are All Berliners Now' and its component materials to the archive:
- The book, on a shelf.
- The Sound Stage photographs, printed as a contact sheet.
- The Sound Stage photomontage, scale 1/72/72.
- One of the two citizen images used for the book interior, retrieved via web search in mid-August.
- The second of the citizen images was not found in that search. A line drawing from memory was substituted.

Iteration #2:
Some news portals now use a method wherein the headline remains but the text is updated as the story evolves (the chat board remains; it may or may not serve archeology). Meanwhile, search engines tire of the old and IT managers wipe disks to calendrical rules. On August 25, 2013, I returned to Johalla Projects, where I used a hole punch to remove part of the contact sheet. I then submitted a second information sheet. I alluded to but did not specify the degradation. The debris was separately left unremarked on the floor. It was not documented for ARGUS and its tenure is unknown.

Source Iteration, Iteration 1, Installation View

Source Iteration 1, Installation View

Source Iteration, Iterations 1 and 2, ARGUS: Organic Visual Archive screen captures

Source Iterations 1 and 2 08-16-2013