Rebecca Kerlin
Drone Flower
Digital wet transfer print on polymerized cloth, acetate print, inkjet print, cotton thread, wire

The Drone Flowers collapse the sensation of physical presence in Chicago and the digitally mediated real-time and omnipresent awareness of distant concerns about government surveillance at the local level, in this case in California's Alameda County, into a meditation on the dislocated state of mind that results from the consideration of hidden dystopic patterns woven through the fabric of the growing and active city of our time, and from being virtually attached to more than one place.

Drone Flower, studio image

Drone Flower studio image

Four Flowers were created in the first phase. Their digital images were used in the Drone Sympathy Card of February 2013.

Drone Flower studio image

Fabrication process, second phase

Wonderland, unrolling 2