Rebecca Kerlin
Sound Stage
Digital photomontage, inkjet prints on Canson Infinity Baryta Photographique, foam core, pine veneer, sheet insulation foam, Caesar Miniatures History Kit 061: Modern Special Forces Worldwide (Elite Police, Frogman, Seal, Delta Force)

Jefferson Street was mine. My living room looked out to the second lamp post from the left. From here I watched the Boston Marathon Bombing and the subsequent Lockdown unfold. The photographs were shot at a camera height of five feet ten above the pavement. The diorama is scaled to the toy soldiers, 1:72 of my door.

There are those who believe that the emergency situations to which forces respond are staged, are or become entirely fictional. There are strategic planners whose working documents focus exclusively on the architecture of vectors. Here is a place for these people to/where they inevasibly mingle.

Sound Stage (Pilsen Cycle)

Sound Stage (Pilsen Cycle)

Sound Stage, Left Detail

Sound Stage, left detail

Sound Stage, Center Detail

Sound Stage, center detail

Sound Stage, Right Detail

Sound Stage, right detail